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is the eye of the beholder smudged or is it my soul?



Photographer Flora Borsi ( tumblr / facebook / behance ) - “In this series called ”IRÉEL” I mixed photographic elements with painting techniques. A hyperrealist painter aims to achieve a result which looks like a real photographic picture. A pictorialist photographer’s desired result is visually equivalent to a painting. The photographs are real, I’ve just applied some color/toning effects, adjusted the contrast and a few skin retouch.”

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Moleskining for the END book#2…

( Next Elisabeth castle ) 

Art by Anna Merli and me…

Some still life sketching in the park. Hopefully my RMIT interview went well !

Times like these I wish I had a telescopic lens

Witch hat …or sorting hat 😝

Little chakra vials ! They’re getting there ..

Deathly hallows choker, available soon on my etsy 😜

Made some hipster pendants

Vegan rice crispy treats !

I noticed some of my citrine had little holes in them !